Jun 25, 2011



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My brother walking mom to her seat

PRO PICS photo 1

DH's parents walking to their seats

PRO PICS photo 2

DH and pastor (DH looking a little nervous! ^_^ )

PRO PICS photo 3

The Grand Entrance

PRO PICS photo 4PRO PICS photo 5PRO PICS photo 6PRO PICS photo 7PRO PICS photo 8PRO PICS photo 9PRO PICS photo 10

PRO PICS photo 11PRO PICS photo 12PRO PICS photo 13


PRO PICS photo 14

PRO PICS photo 15PRO PICS photo 16PRO PICS photo 17


PRO PICS photo 18PRO PICS photo 19PRO PICS photo 20PRO PICS photo 21PRO PICS photo 22PRO PICS photo 23





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You looked gorgeous! I love your dress!!!