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Hello Ladies

I thought I should take some time to reflect on the wedding process and give you ladies some tips and personal advice.  My wedding planning experiance was really positive thanks to PW but there are also mistakes I made that I hope other brides won't make for their wedding.


My advice to ladies in waiting (aka waiting for the bling) is for you to relax... take your time.  I was waiting, waiting, waiting, for DH to propose for years! I drove myself nuts planning a "would-be wedding" and I can tell you from experiance that nothing that I planned during those years went into our actual wedding.  If you know you are going to marry the man your with, the man of your dreams, things will happen when the timing is right.  Its great to start planning out your big day, getting ideas you like, but be prepared for ideas to change when the bling actually gets on your finger.  Current styles / trends may change drastically if you start planning too soon, and you may find yourself spending moneyBudgets may not be what you hoped they would be, family issues may prevent certain things from happening etc... so don't be dissapointed if your "pre-engagement wedding dreams" change.  No matter what you will have a beautiful wedding, and there is no sence in stressing yourself out.  Just enjoy your time with your Boyfriend (hopefully soon FI) for now, the planning will come later.



It is easier said than done.... but relax, don't sweat the small stuff.  Looking back on the planning experiance, there were several times I was so stressed I made myself sick.  In the long run the stress amounted to nothing except wasted time and emotions.  

1 year is more than enough time to plan a wedding.  For you girls that are contemplating having a long engagement in order to have more time to plan... you don't need it.  I had 2 years to plan and its is probably my only regret of the wedding.  Because I had so much time to plan, our theme, or design, our colours changed a billion times, I wasted about 1 year on the internet searching for ideas that I never ended up using.  Plus alot of money was wasted on wedding items that I thought I would use, only to change my mind and go a different route.  Also when looking at my wedding images now, our wedding was basically put together in less than a year in terms of all the stuff we ended up using.  If you are going to have a long engagement and insist on starting the planning process right away, don't purchase anything until you know 100% that is your theme and stick to it.  Focus on the big things first like venue, photographer, food etc... then take a break for a few months or more and then sweat the small stuff later. My DH also says this is his biggest regret as well, he wanted the two year engagement so we could take our time, but now realizes it was totally un-necessary.

If you are having a problem with one of your vendors don't be afraid to confront them or kick them to the curb if necessary.  It is your day and you don't want to feel uncomfortable with one of you vendors.  This is especially important for your photographer.  I highly reccomend to hire 2 of your favorite photographers for an engagement session only.  Then after you recieve the images make a decision. You'll feel more confidant in your photographer and you'll know that they'll deliver.  But this goes with any vendor, test out their services before you sign any paperwork.  

The most important thing is you are marrying the love of your life, and you are making a commitment to be together for the rest of your lives.  The fancy decor, favors, DIYs, attire, etc... are all secondary. Focus on your vows, the ceremony, the actual part that binds you together as husband and wife.  If you have a beautiful meaningful ceremony you will be on cloud 9 the rest of the day. Take time during your engagement to spend with your FI and bask in the bliss of engagement. 

If you feel like you are having a wedding meltdown, take some down time, away from planning, away from wedding stuff and even away from PW if necessary.  Relax, do something that you love, a sport, a hobby, or just hang with the girls and make a "no wedding" rule for the day.  You'll feel energized and ready to tackle the wedding stuff full on later. 

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