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We did it! After being engaged for three years, and after one year of SERIOUS, mega planning, we tied the know on 9.3.2011 in San Francisco, CA.  I had three weeks off before the wedding, and man, was I glad!  It was a hectic last month, but everything worked out well!  

For the brides-to-be, I figured I would keep my blabber short by imparting my ever-so-useful advice in compact, bullet-form:


  • Delegate.  It's the only way to keep yourself sane.
  • Let things go.  If something goes wrong or if something isn't 100% to your liking, your guests won't notice.  Only you'll know what's missing.  Chances are, everyone will still think everything was magical.  I honestly didn't get to a lot of what I wanted to get to...but bah.  Gotta take my own advice, right?
  • Relax.  Enjoy yourself!  Don't type A or control-freak yourself out of enjoying your big day. 

Some of my favorite highlights/guest favorites:
  • our UP guestbook, even though people were sloppy with their thumbprinting.  And not everyone remembered to do it.
  • our s'mores bar
  • our choreographed first dance
  • our mad libs RSVP cards that we then read to our guests during the reception
  • having a great location for great shots: we got some pictures with a Rolls-Royce (thanks to my uncle who happened to know the right person) and some pics on a cable car.  And, oh, we got to enjoy the waterfront!

Miscellaneous tips:
  • Ask someone to get food for the day of while you're getting ready.
  • Save money by getting your cake at a supermarket.  Whole Foods makes amazing cakes and provided you don't need a swanky design, it will save you a lot of money.
  • Consider buying clay flowers for your cake.  These feel awesome and look amazing.  And cost less than sugar paste flowers (especially if you want something more intricate).  Even if they are the same cost, consider that you can resell it after your wedding (just make sure to ask the staff to keep the flower and not trash it.  Which we unfortunately forgot to do.  Sad face.)
  • Do your own flowers if you want to save money!  I highly recommend a trip to the SF Flower Mart if you are a Bay Area bride.
  • Michael's is your friend.  Especially with 40% off coupons.
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Wonderful tips! Your bio is such an inspiration!

congrats! thanks for the tips! :)

100% agreed girl!  hooray wedding graduates!