Jul 06, 2013


the engagement

    I now work at McJunkin Red Man which is a supply store for the oil field and I needed new gloves and I could not find any that would last me for more then a week. It was christmas eve and we were getting ready to go to Ryan's parent's house when Ryan told me that I could open one gift before we left. I sat down on the couch and he handed me a med size box. He picked up our son Thor and sat down next to me. I opened the box and was super excited to see that it was a new pair of work gloves!!!!! Nice ones too!!! I was about to set them down when Ryan told me I should try them on and make sure they fit. I told him not to worry that I knew they would fit great. He insisted that I tried on the left glove just to make sure. So to humor him I put the left glove on.  I put it on and said see it fits great!! Then I had realized that something had slid onto my ring finger as I put the glove on.  I sat there what felt like forever untill I finally took the glove off and saw a gorgeaous ring!! I was so surprised that I couldnt even say anything.  He looked at me and said well will you marry me?? and of course I said yes!!! It wasnt a romantic dinner out or a walk in the park butit was at home with our son and so personal that I tought it was perfect!! I wouldnt of wanted it any other way!!

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Lol awww! That's such a sweet engagement story! I love how our men just come up with the simplest yet sweetest ideas. Congrats!