Nov 18, 2011


Our Venue...

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We had the HARDEST time finding a venue. I wanted something different. I did not want a golf course or a hotel. I felt like we were very limited because of our budget and we also only had 5 months to plan! I wanted a small-ish wedding with just our closest family and friends. FI wanted everyone there! We compromised...kinda :-)

The venue we decided on is in the desert, in the middle on nowhere and I LOVE it! I wanted people to think "where the heck are they taking us?" and when they arive "OH, Wow! I didn't know this was here"

and the pics...


The Ceremony site:

Our Venue photo 1


Cocktail hour on the patio:

Our Venue photo 2


The 2 acre Lagoon:

Our Venue photo 3

Our Venue photo 4 


The dance floor goes out over the water:

Our Venue photo 5


Dinner under the covering:

Our Venue photo 6


Misc pics:

Our Venue photo 7

Our Venue photo 8

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What a dreamy venue!!!  It's just like paradise.  :)

Gorgeous venue!!!

So beautiful!

I <3 your venue!  And your proposal story is so sweet!