Sep 22, 2012


Bridesmaid Dress and Colours Scheme

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Pewter Bill Levkoff


Okay, this is THE dress!  I've become one of those brides! The bride that changes her mind when she thought she was set on what she was choosing! 

The journey to this dress has been long and not an easy one, but I'm so glad for it. This dress is simply stunning. It is so elegant and the look on the face of my daughter's, I knew there would be no more dress shopping after this one.  I cried a little when I saw it on them. 

So happy with the final choice.


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I also love how your using red not as the main color. That is going to make it really pop!! Great choices!

I LOVE your BM dresses!!!!

The BMs dresses look really "smart". They will look lovely!

They are so pretty!!! I love the color too!