Sep 22, 2012


My To Do List

  • Last updated on September 22, 2011 at 4:33 pm
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  • Find shoes
  • Make Attendant Request Cards
  • Get FI working on his annulment - working on it!
  • escort card table ideas  - decided
  • mailing labels for rsvp cards
  • figure out how to make my own bouquet or what I'm doing at least
  • Make decision about day of transportation
  • Get FI working on the next step of the annulment process
  • bouquets for BM
  • Corsage for Todd and Tyshaun
  • Find silk robes
  • Decide on hangers for the gowns for the girls 
  • Find the proper clutch

Before starting the list I had half a million things running through my mind, now it's blank!  GRRRRR

DIY Tasks

  • spray paint card box
  • spray paint 'love' letters
  • spray paint table number frames
  • heart shape punch for the table escort
  • find the silver clips for the escort table deal
  • silver wire
  • black fabric
  • wooden frame for escort table


Paper Products

  • Words for the 'Key To My Heart' shadowbox
  • Programs
  • 'Have a drink on us'
  • Menu
  • Donation cards
  • Candy labels
    'Sweet' words and 'Love' word


  • finalize ceremony
  • boutinneirs in for Todd, Ty and Mike
  • flowers for Brenda
  • Aisle runner
  • memory candle
  • wash vases
  • spray paint keys
  • print key tags
  • print drink ticket
  • get layout of programs
  • print donation cards
  • get pictures of Todd and I as children
  • finalize pictures for the escort cards
  • make wine glasses/beads
  • engrave Todd's watch
  • talk to Ruth about photographs
  • ask Michelle to hand out programs











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Its getting close!

YEAH!!!! getting through this list!!!

Yay! What did you end up deciding for your escort cards?