May 28, 2011


::diy - memorial candles::

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I have gotten a lot of questions on these, so I thought I would just add a few words in my bio about how I did the memorial candle display. Absolute easiest DIY from my wedding, and each candle cost < $2.00 :-)

diy memorial candles photo 1

I did not take photos as I went along, but the process was simple.


  • 7" tall glass vases (Dollar Tree, $1/ea)
  • 8.5" x 11" vellum sheets (Michaels, $0.49/ea. May want to buy a few extra in case the ink runs when you print.)
  • Tape runner, glue dots or hot glue
  • Battery operated tea lights (Dollar Tree, $1/Two-pack. Real votives/tea lights also work just fine, but I liked the flicker from the battery operated tea lights. No clean up necessary, and since they are very short, they illuminated the entire vase. *Note: They are not lit in the photo.)
  • Frame for note (optional)
  1. I used Power Point to create the labels for the vases. I re-sized the document to 7" x 11" :to make sure I placed the words correctly. 
  2. I used one font for "In Loving Memory" and another font for the names. The best way to do the vase labels is to create one label in Power Point and print a test run for correct size/placement. (Once the label is printed, you will have to cut off about 1.5" along the top of your vellum sheet to make sure it fits correctly on the vase.) I printed test runs on regular paper so I didn't waste my vellum sheets :-)
  3. Once I had everything the way I liked it, I just created duplicate slides in Power Point for the number of vases I was doing. Then I just went through and changed the names on each slide.
  4. Print the labels on to your vellum sheets. I recommend printing one sheet at a time. The vellum paper is rather thin and can jam up your printer or go through in bunches!
  5. Slice the extra 1.5" off the top of each sheet (will be along the long edge).
  6. Wrap the sheet around the vase and secure with tape/glue. 
  7. Insert the candle and you have a beautiful display!

These are very simple by design, but you can see how they can easily be tweaked to fit your style. Add a ribbon at the top or bottom, some bling, different colors, etc. 

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OMG! I love this. Thanks for posting!!! I thought I was going to spend a lot on my memorial candles but now I dont have to.

I love this.  Thanks for sharing this I want to do this four grandmothers! SO beautiful!

I love these.  Just reading the instructions it brings to mind people that I've lost that would be so happy for me, that I am sitting here a little teary-eyed.