Sep 10, 2011

DH and I have been together 10 years now...holy crap! Married for nearly two and loving every second of time I spend with this wonderful man. PW was a lifesaver for my wedding and I just can't bring myself to leave! I just adore all the amazing women I meet and the opportunity to see so many creative, beautiful weddings is just awesome!

9-10-11 Recap!!

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I can't believe I'm married!! I actually don't feel that different, but it sure it nice to see DH wearing a ring :)

 We spent all Friday morning setting up and decorating the reception hall, that was a lot of fun. Our mom's have never really spent much time together, so it was neat to work with both of them and seeing the whole vision come together gave me chills! It didn't take too long to get everything set up, even though the lady we rented the centerpieces from (I call her the Wackadoodle) didn't have a thing ready even though I had called and emailed to remind her and she assured everything would be there. It wasn't, and we had to drive to pick it all up...but we got it done and it was more beautiful than I could have hoped for! 

 The reception hall before we added centerpieces

 We arrived at the bed and breakfast we had rented Friday afternoon and took our time enjoying the ground and exploring the mansion. Even the smaller 'guest' house my out of town family had rented was elegant to the extreme...words cannot describe how absolutely beautiful this place was! The entire bridal party was staying at the Inn, and people slowly arrived all was just a ton of fun. Rehearsal was that night and it went off smoothly and a lot of my worries about logistics were assuaged. Dinner that night was relaxed and casual, it was so much fun having all our families and friends together. Even the grandparents stayed at the Inn until after 9, and then the rest of us played board games and drank wine until after midnight! We all got to know each other and just enjoyed being together...perfection!

 the front of the ceremony site


inside the mansion where we had the rehearsal dinner

 I didn't get much sleep that night, too excited but actually not that nervous! The Inn manager had a hot, delicous breakfast for us that morning...egg casserole, pumpkin bread, fresh seriously just kept getting better! My BMs and I left for our hair appointments at 8 and we were done before 11. The salon had more fresh fruit for us and mimosa...we all sat around taking pictures and enjoying the was a mini-party!

 We got back to the Inn ahead of schdule and had plenty of time to hang out and relax, FI was told to clear out of the suite so all the girls could relax and he couldn't see me! My BMs and I had about 3 hours to just chill and get ready at our lesiure, it was refreshing to not be stressed or rushed! We started getting me ready about an hour and half before hand, it took 6 people to get me into the dress! We had to pull the dress over my head and all my BMs plus the mom's had to take a corner and guide me into it - but not one hair was messed up!!

 The ceremony started right on time, as we were all waiting downstairs to walk out the porch door and down the aisle, FI walked in heading straight toward me! I literally shrieked "GET OUT OF HERE" and he turned right back around and I heard him say "I should not have gone in there!" He was following the officiant for some reason and didn't think about it, he says he never actually saw me as he was focused on her...I hope that was true!

 The ceremony site - behind the mansion overlooking the river

 The ceremony was perfect - perfect weather, perfect decor (my mom had stressed like you wouldn't believe about the tissue poms but they were beautiful), perfect puppy as ring bearer...everything was fantastic. Except for the "Happy Birthday".

 The grounds the Inn is on shares land with a corporate retreat/team-building ropes an Outdoor Adventure type thing. They are not suppose to be there when weddings are taking place, but that morning like 200 kids started streaming across the lawn out of nowhere. Cars not in our party were everywhere and space for driving/parking is very cramped on this narrow, winding path up the that was a mess. But my DOC talked them and we were assured they would get out of our way and we wouldn't see them...but we heard them!! Right in the middle of us saying our vows all these voices started screaming the Happy Birthday got picked up on our video and you can't even hear us speaking :(

 I could have killed someone, but honestly that was the only thing that went wrong. Wer are working with the venue to actually get a partial refund because that part was so traumatic...but almost kind of funny now or it will be someday!

 The limo got stuck coming up the hill as all those cars from the ropes course wouldn't get out of its way and there is no room to back up or go around...but once it arrived we had an awesome time drinking champagne and taking pictures. This place could not have been more  beautiful for outdoor pictures!! The reception is kind of a blur, we arrived and ate right away since we came 30 min after it officially started. Then the DJ was boom-boom-boom right after the other with the first dance, father-daughter, mother-son, bridal party, cake cutting...I didn't even drink the entire night because I had no time and when I did get a minute I was so hot and tired I just wanted water!

 Everyone said the food and cake were delicious and I got to dance to all my favorite songs with my favorite people! The last song of the night were my little brother and I alone on the dance floor (he hates to dance so this was very special) singing along and dancing to "Don't Stop" by Fleetwood Mac!! It was perfect!

 Other than "Happy Birthday!" :)

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It all sounds amazing even with the hiccups. I would have been upset with the song as well, especially on the video but it’s something to laugh about later. Perfect beautiful day for a perfect beautiful couple. 

Your wedding sounds perfect! Congratulations.

Im sure you will be laughing about the 'Happy Birthday' in no time lol.