Sep 02, 2012


Two have become One!


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On March 12 2010 I met the man who would become my best friend! On Sept 2, 2010 he proposed and I said YES! On September 2, 2012 I married my best friend and the love of my life! Our day was perfect and we enjoyed every minute of it!


                                             MR. & MRS C.J. Harris




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Disclaimer***** Add me as a friend...I love new friends! Happy planning everyone! Remember Moscato Moscato Moscato when all else fails!




                                                               PROS SNEAK PEAK!!!











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                                                   The Recap................


My day was so wonderful and I couldnt be happier! All the time, money and energy you put into planning your day and it goes by so fast! So here goes...Wednesday night we finished packing. Thursday FI sent me to the spa for some relax time. When he picked me up we went to get his tux and found out we had a $164.00 balance due to one of his best men and one groomsman did not get their tuxes. I was livid! FI calmed me down and said its ok!

We arrived in Atlanta Friday about 4:30pm and checked into the hotel. Bad news we didnt have time to get our marriage license! OMG! But we had our rehearsal that night and FI and I had a very emotional parting after that. We knew we would not see each other till our wedding on Sunday. I cried so hard!

Friday night after FI and the guys left I took the girls to my suite and gave them all their gifts. We had a 4 hour giggle session while they opened gifts. I played a game with them to tell a funny experience with me over the years going off my hints I left in their cards! It was so much fun. Guests started arriving that night as well so I was busy all night! I finally went to bed about 4am only to get up at 8am! Saturday was busy busy busy, running around town, last minute things, picking up sisters from airport, picking up my step daughter. FI meanwhile I heard was playing video games and drinking with the boys! (They have it so easy) Saturday all guests had arrived and I prepared a meet and greet buffet in my suite (which was huge). After entertaining, clubbing, etc..I went to bed at 645am! I was then woke up at 845am by the maids to get the suite together for the day. I went to the venue to take everything over for my decorater at 1pm and met with the them. We went over floor plan and set ups. I got called that my photogrpahers arrived about 130pm. I got back to the hotel about 2pm and escorted the photographers around to guest rooms to take candid pics.

Finally I was escorted to my suite on the 4th floor because the guys suite which was on the 3rd floor directly below mine was ready and the guys had arrived at the hotel. Once I knew FI was in the building my whole demeanor changed! I was so calm! I sat on the couch, ate oatmeal. Drank Juice and watched cartoons. The girls ran around nervously and I was calm as a midnight breeze! Needless to say my wedding was a 6pm and I didnt walk down the aisle till 7pm! I was 45 min late! Fi said that he wasnt worried because he knows me! lol

The wedding was beautiful! FI looked amazing and I think I cleaned up well too! LOL! We said our own vows and everyone laughed and cried during them! It was so sweet! FI cried when he saw me and cried during his vows! We jumped the broom and marched out! After pics we were announced back in for the reception and we made a grand entrance! Our wedding party met us on the dance floor and danced with us! It was great!

Our first dance was a surprise to me and it was Micheal Jackson's Lady in my life. We did a two step groove to it and it was perfect. Dinner was an hour late but you would never know due to all the speachs given! Everyone danced, ate and laughed and cried during the night and I got so many compliments on the decorations and my DIY projects! My dress looked amazing however the girls didnt bustle me quite right so Im not loving how the dress looked in pictures.

There was a lot of snaffoos but I wont go into all that just because FI and I never knew of any until after the wedding! Or day was perfect to us and we fell in love all over again! We did get our marriage license and everything is signed and filed. We were legally married on 09/07/12 however we will always celebrate 09/02/12 as our wedding day! We have decided we are definitely doing this again on anniversary #5! So I guess I have 3 yrs to rest before I start planning all over again! lol! Next time its going to be bigger! Cant be better than the first one but now I know what im doing for sure! LOL. I actually got asked by many people to plan their weddings! People were so impressed with the whole weekend festivities! So pros coming in a couple weeks!

My advice....sit back and take the time to just look at all your work! FI and I sat in our seats and just observed the guests and the looked at all my work for about 30 minutes. He looked over to me and said...Mrs. Harris you did a wonderful job, thank you! And after cloud nine high rose to level 10!

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                                                               Non pros......

                                                   Wedding photos from guests...

                                                           Our first dance..

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                                            We said I do...and jumped the broom...



                                        The bride and her sisters and new step daughter     


                                                           Our parents..

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                                                    Tablescapes....guest view






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                                                             We are legal!!!

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                                                         The Sign Off....08/31/12

Wow! I can't believe its that time. Ladies...I am so emotional right now because I'm so excited and just overcome with blessings. This has been a long planning process and I never would have made it without all of you.
I am packed and that took 2 I have everything in boxes and labeled for my decorator. Pics of tablescapes sent as well. All vendorsare ready to go. My groom is excited. Out of town guests are already enroute to Atlanta. Yay!
I am looking forward to a wonderful wedding weekend and Minimoon. I hope all my weekend date twins have a wonderful wedding as well. There are so many of you I'd like to shout out but you know who you are. Thank you for the encouragement and the support along the way this past year.
We dont leave for mini moon until Tuesday so ill POP in and give a recap if I can.
See you all soon on the Mrs. side!


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                                       I made the list.....OMG! So excited!


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