Jul 19, 2013

I am loving life, especially since marrying Chris. I'm Mom to 6 year old twins boys that keep me busy and laughing every day. My life is full of fun, laughter, love and crafting!

Choo Choo !! Wedding Shoe??

These are the beautiful angel Jimmy Choo shoes that I have been hiding away for over 5 years!  Before babies I was a HUGE shoe obsessive, these are my pride and joy of the collection.

They have never been worn outside of the house - although I have been known to put them on just to cheer up a bit of housework now and again!!

As our color scheme (for today anyway!) is chocolate & lime I'm thinking it might be time that these ladies got their moment of glory!

Choo Choo Wedding Shoe photo 1

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Did I mention I love these shoes?? Because I think that everytime I get a message from you :)

HOLY GORGEOUSNESS!!! I love shoes and these ones are beautiful!!!! They NEED to be shown off and deserve to be a part of your day lol


Love those shoes!!

i love that shoe...