Jun 23, 2012


::Stop and smell the flowers::

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Bridesmaid bouquet inspiration; I love gerbera dasies so I like yellow and white daisies maybe with or without the bear grass and tied with a teal blue ribbon.

Stop and smell the flowers photo 1

Bridal Bouquet inspiration: besides gerbera dasies one of my fav flowers are star gazer lilies. I love the texture of the bouquet below with just a hint of color. Again mind would be tied with teal blue ribbon just like my girls' bouquets. 



For my Mom and the Grandma's, I love love love this look! I would have them wear a gardenia, an orchid, or a mini gerbera daisy as it'll last longer. 

Stop and smell the flowers photo 4


FMIL is allergic to flowers so I'll be ordering this for her from Etsy seller BeautyUnveiled

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Love your colors, and that corsage is gorgeous!!

I love those corsages from Etsy!! I'm still deciding what I want to do for the mothers, and that's definitely an option :)

Both corsage ideas are stunning. 

I love that corsage... just commented on it on deejer's bio.. I still swoon every time I see it :)