Jun 23, 2012


::It's raining men::

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I am loving the grey suit with a more casual feel/look for the guys. I would love to see grey suits with teal vests/waist coats or teal ties if they wear grey vests.

I love this look and I think this is what Dan is leaning towrds.

The guys ended up ordering slacks and shirts from Men's Warehouse during their BOGO (buy one get one free) sale. So the guys are wearing dark grey slacks, white button up, and then renting silver vests and silver ties. Daniel will be wearing this tie.

The lucky lads

Josh is Dan's childhood friend and has been there for him through it all. So it was no surprise that he was asked to be Dan's Best Man. This is the best photo I have on hand for now.

His Brother Matthew 

His youngest brother Alex who resembles Dan a bit

and finally his cousin Adam (he's the one on the right) 


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I love gray suits!