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I'm MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!

 EDIT: Pros have not been uploaded.  Given recent events, I'm not sure if I will. =(  If you would like to see my pros, please find me on FB.  Send me a PM with your FB info, or a message requesting to see my pros and I will find you or send you my email address.  You must be an active (ACTIVE is the key word) PW user.  I'm so sorry, but I want to protect the work of my VERY talented photographer.  I don't want someone else taking credit for their work.  The photos are GORGEOUS...yep I'm tooting my own horn.  Thanks, lovely!


YAYAYAY!!!  Hello my lovely PW beauties!  I am back, refreshed, and MARRIED!!!  Woot!!  I'm going to do a run down of the good, the bad and the's all mixed in.

Monday night- I arrived to enterprise to pick up the rental car.  We reserved a Cherokee thinking that it would be big enough to hold all of my stuff.  Well after packing everything up the night before, I realized that we probably needed something bigger.  When I called to change, they told me that they did  ot have any vehicles available.  So I unpacked and prioritized the HAVE To take and tha If I have room stuff.  Then I got a call as I was driving to the car rental place that "We are SOO sorry, but the car that you reserved will not be returned today.  We have a Tahoe instead if you want that."  ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! HELL YEA!!  So we got upgraded to a Tahoe at the same price as the Cherokee and they gave us a $250.00 gas voucher!  Score!

Tuesday- I picked up my MOH at the Denver Airport and we drove to Cali!  It was a great road trip up until we saw a motorcyclist get ran over by a Semi.  Ya.  The most horrific moment of my life.  We were in the middle of BFN (butt fudge nowhere) Utah with barely any reception.  It took almost an hour for the response team to arrive...maybe not an hour, but still a very long time.  The guy died.  :(  One of the guys in the truck was drunk and the driver who actually ran him over did not  It was HORRIFIC.  I was so glad at that moment that FI made me take my gun...cause I was ready and I gave MOH my knife.  We had to write up a report and give a statement.  It was HORRIBLE and I will never EVER forget that moment in my life.  What a way to start of what should have been the happiest week of my life. 

Then while going through Vegas, we almost got into a car accident!  UGH!!    The car got a big scuff mark on the side...and it was a rental vehicle!  Nice.  It was all because of a drunk driver.  Needless to say, I was not a cool cucumber and I just prayed my little heart out. 

Wednesday- Kareokee, wine tasting, spa/massage and funness with my girl friends!  Last day I talked to Juan before our first look on the day of the wedding. 

Thursday-MOH took my phone.  Ran around town. 

Got the Brazilian for the first time.  P.S.  Whoever said that it's not painful is on some kind of really strong narcotic.  I'm not much of a screamer.  I tend to laugh when I get nervouse and I was giggling SOOO loud.  At one point the waxer lady started laughing and I just pretty much let her molest me cause I was not capable of "pull your skin taunt."  Yea.  Right!   When I walked out of there, the other two ladies waiting were laughing so hard. One of them even said "I guess it's not that bad."  I gave her the look of death and told her to run...far and fast!  Ha.  BUT I really like the results ;) as does someone else ;) :0

Friday-No one on FI family showed up for the Rehearsal.  Double UGH!  (Hince FI turned into Groomzilla).  I missed the rehearsal because I was getting my hair done and my MOH and DOC planned to take care of everything for me. 

Got my nails done by myself and I really, REALLY enjoyed taking this moment away from everyone to just reflect and live in the moment.

Got my brows threaded.

Last massage, treated my mom to one as well.

Tid bits about the wedding-

Juan was a complete Groomzilla (to his family) lol.  I, on the other hand, remained cool and calm!  I wasn't stressed or anything.  I felt refreshed and just couldn't wait til saturday. During the days leading up to the wedding people kept saying "wow, you are so relazed.  Are you just ready for it to be over."  I would say "nope, my MOH and Fi are taking care of everything.  They won't let me do anything and they have everything taken care of, so I'm just hanging out and waiting to put on my dress." 

Juan cried when we did our first look (dress # 1), then cried when he saw me for the first time in my blush gown (dress #2) walking towards him for the ceremony, then cried when I read my vows, and cried some more while saying his!  YAYAY!!  He is not a crying man, but I think it really got to him! 


My Bestie and MOH took my phone on thursday.  She took care of EVERYTHING for me.  She answered emails, texted, phone calls, questions from vendors...EVERYTHING!  MOH also made me breakfast in bed...complete with mimosas.  I was sent to bed everynight (not including Wednesday) at 8 and told that I couldn't come down stairs until 10.  It was heaven!  But then on the day of the wedding I could smell the food and I heard that our flowers were delivered and I just couldn't control it.  It felt like Christmas and all I wanted to do was run down stairs open my presents (flowers) and eat!  Oh and she made a sign to wear that read "Happy Bride" on one side and "Bridezilla Bride" on the other.  Hysterical! 

I put in an Hour in a half of buffer time and we were STILL LATE!  Thanks to FI fantastic family...ugh. 

I got to drive around town in a vintage car that had "Going to the chapel...kinda" and "I'm getting married!"  and "honk cause I'm the bride" signs all over it.  Plus beautiful floral arrangements.  It was soooo awesome.  People kept honking and yelling and giving me the thumbs up!  It was FI gift to me cause I really wanted a vintage car, but we "couldn't afford it."  :)

My dad officaited the wedding and I am so happy he did.  He is pretty funny and offered a lot of comic releif.  He even "yelled" at the one person who did not turn their phone off (and it rang) after he made a HUGE speech about...complete with making everyone pull out their phone! 

FI and I wrote our own vowes ;).  It was a beautiful touch...until FI gave me a hug right after saying his vows (and cried on my shoulder) and My fantastic dad yelled "HEY!  You can't be doing this yet.  I haven't OFFICIALLY given you promision to kiss her yet!  She's still MY daughter!"  Everyone laughed hysterically! 

EVERYONE LOVED my VERA GOWN!!!  I mean, LOVED IT!!  You could hear them gasp as the doors were openned for me to walk.  So many complements!  Then the guest flipped when I changed dresses (before the night was over, I changed into my first look dress so that I could get down!)

Everyone LOVED our reception entrance song Bridal Party- Shop boyz Party like a rock star" and Our Intro Kanye West All of the lights that mixed into the upbeat tempo of LMFAO Party Rock Anthem!  It was AWESOME!  We even had th 80s colorful shades!  Epic!

One of my Flower girls BAWLED right before she had to walk out.  It was actually really cute.

My MOHs mom made all of the food and it was SOOOO DELICIOUS!


Juan gave me a little strip tease for the garter toss.

My cake turned out SO beautifully! 

The Tables/centerpeices were a huge success!  Everyone loved the tulle layers that I put on the tables.

FI dad sang a song with the made everyone cry!

My MOH opened up the mic to our guest to give a speech or share a story.  I was a little erked at first because I thought it would last FOREVER.  It did take up some time, but the words that were spoken were so touching, loving, sincere and really beautiful.  I would not have changed that for the world.  People offered advice, shared little stories about us and offered their blessing and words of encouragement.  When the guest where done, My MOH, the Best Man, my other bestie, and my brother all gave really touching speeches...again everyone cried and laughed.  When they were finished my MOH cued the DJ and EVERYONE stood up and sang "Say a little pray for you!"  It was so wonderful!  My other bestie even brought out the dress that she wore the first day that we met.  It was so cute and really made me cry. 

While FI and I exchanged vows, we heard a gasp!  I looked and people were pointing at a butterfly that had flown to us and circled us while we said our vows.  It fluttered around and then went up into the tree!  It was a magical a little blessing!

Everyone kept telling us how in love we looked and how they just felt like this was forever. 

All in all, everything was perfect!  It was THE best day of our life.

Check back in soon.  I'll be writing up some advice and ways to handle some of the inevitable. 

Non pros- Please credit me if you take any of these pictures.  Thanks!

HE DIDN T RUN photo 1

First Kiss as Mr. and Mrs.

HE DIDN T RUN photo 2

Jumping the broom

HE DIDN T RUN photo 3


HE DIDN T RUN photo 4

Walking out with my Daddy to my soon to be Husband!

HE DIDN T RUN photo 5

about to bust some moves!

HE DIDN T RUN photo 6

My wedding cake and cake table

HE DIDN T RUN photo 7

Some of the table set up

HE DIDN T RUN photo 8

My NEW Forever ring!  Rose gold bands and Radiant cut Engagement ring!

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You look ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!!! everything looks wonderful! i hope to see more pictures! i still love your invites too!!!

Gorgeous! Gorgeous gorgeous and gorgeous!!! Wowwwwwwww!!!! Congrats DeAura!!! You looked gorgeous, everything looked amazing. I'm super swooning over here!