Sep 28, 2012


Meet the ladies!

here are my BEAUTIFUL ladies! So excited for them to share this special day with me!

Meet the ladies photo 1 These are my two lovely sisters Erin and Dena- they will be my Maids of Honor:)

Meet the ladies photo 2 (L) is Tracy and (R) is Catalina- Ive known these girls for about 11 years now! Weve been great friends since high school!

Meet the ladies photo 3

Beth, Little Santi (our ring bearer) and Santiago (jakes groomsman)- Ive only known Beth for 4 years as she is Jakes best friends wife, but she is such a jewel and im so glad to have a great friend like her! She is the one who helped Jake pick out my Ering!:)

Meet the ladies photo 4 This is Bailey- She is also the wife of Jakes other Best friend so i havent known her long but i feel like weve been friends forever! Here she is picture prego with little Victoria  who was born on 9/25/11! :)

Meet the ladies photo 5 This is Holly. Ive known Holly since my sophmore math class ( we got in TONS of trouble for talking ALL the time!) Shes the girl who I can  be seperated from for MONTHS and once we are back together its like we never were apart!:)

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