May 26, 2012


DIY invitations

A friend did the drawings and I'm in love (with the drawings not the friend ;)

In france the tradition is simples invitations with only one big and a RSVP card ... so here it is (sorry it's in french but you get the idea!)





the sentence in the heart says : "I don't know where I'm going but I feeling better holding your hand"

and the rsvp!(a bit empy without the personal stuff)


There will be a scratching sticker in the circle (top right) and people will discover "gagne" meaning "won"!!


So exited!!!!

they're done and sent!!!





(10) Comments

they reflect you guys SO much. Adorable and whimsical.

so pretty..you have one of the most lovely invites.

These are too cute!!!  I love that friend drew them to make them personal but they're also a great invitation!

Again I must say your talented. Very good job!