Sep 02, 2012

I married my best friend on September 2, 2012, and I still love weddings and helping new brides with planning!

Cake Inspiration

I want to do cupcakes because I feel like it would be cheaper than a cake? And, I love cupcakes better than cake for some reason, and FI wants cupcakes too, so we're all set. But I do love the way a good wedding cake looks. Here are some inspiration if we DO go with a cake. Plus, we will probably have a small cake for cutting if we do do cupcakes. All taken from my pinterest :)

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This is from PW's Schroerv's wedding :) I like the cake stands around the middle cake!


PURPLE VELVET!! I love red velvet, honestly, so good! So just add some blue dye in there, and you get purple.  


*EDIT AGAIN* 7/6/12: We have also decided to do bundt cakes. We will have a bundt cake to cut for ourselves like this except only one layer:


I am making cake stands, and we will incorporate them into centerpieces. 8 tables will have bundt cakes as centerpieces. Here is just a quick glimpse of my DIY cake stands:




We did not do purple velvet-still like the idea though :)

We did red velvet, funfetti, chocolate, and vanilla cupcakes. And red velvet, white chocolate raspberry, carrot, and chocolate bundt cakes. I want one right now!


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Drooling over all this lovely sugary goodness.

Um...what AWESOME cake inspiration?! That purple velvet cake is making me drool. Lol.

I love the purple cupcakes! I bake cupcakes & you just gave me a brilliant idea for March of Dimes:) Thanks!

I LOVE this Cake!!!!!!!! This with purple cupcakes would look AWESOME!!!!!!

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