Sep 01, 2013


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Mr.Faith and I met almost five years ago. I was celebrating my birthday, when one of my coworkers invited me to a pool (the game of pool, not swimming) party in Harlem. When I walked into the hall, there was a gentleman standing in the doorway of the kitchen who caught my eye.As I got closer, my friend introduced me to the other people she had brought and to the gentleman in the doorway, Mr.Faith. He, along with his lodge, were hosting the pool tournament to raise money. He asked me if I wanted to play, and I nicely declined seeing that there were no other women there playing in the tournament. After some time, there were many men gathering at the back of the hall and coming in and out of the kitchen looking at myself, my friend, and the other two women that were there. Eventually, Mr.Faith came to sit next to me and asked, "Is it ok if I sit here or would you rather me let the vultures come next to you" which I quickly responded, "no you can sit here". We started talking and laughing, within that conversation, we talked about present and future plans and Mr.Faith revealed that his birthday was actually tomorrow. After more chit chat, we exchanged contact information. At midnight, I wished him his first happy birthday, he looked up and gave the biggest smile ever with a pleasant yes it is a happy birthday.  We have been together ever since.


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@MrsCaleYoung thank you

This is such a romantic story! I loved reading it.

thank you

Such a sweet story!!! :)