Sep 01, 2013



I have looked at several venues, when I say several, I mean several.  There were numerous discussions about what city the wedding should take place in.  All of my family is in the midwest.  All of his family is on the east coast.  We originally thought that we should host the wedding somewhere in the middle.  We looked at venues in the midwest, east coast and in the middle of both of our families.  Eventually we came to decide, or more so, I came to decide that it would just be easier to host the wedding where we are currently living.  So New York it is.

The next step was deciding the style of wedding. I knew that I did not want a typical banquet hall, and I originally thought that I wanted a loft style wedding.  But with soooo many out of town guest, including the bridal party, I decided that it just might be too much work for me and I dont want my family to come here and have to deal with all of the set-up and other things.  So we set out to find something in the middle that could accommodate both ceremony and reception, and that wasnt too expensive.  So we found this:


Ceremony in the Gallery

Venue photo 1


Cocktail Hour on the Rooftop

Venue photo 2

I wanted the ceremony on the rooftop, but they do not have an elevator and my poor grandma cannot walk up all of those stairs.

Reception in the ballroom

Venue photo 3


We put our deposit down last week to book our date, YAAAAYYYY!!!!

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This is a beautiful reception area!

Thank you, I love it too!

Your venue is SOOO gorgeous!! I love it!!

Your venue is super gorgeous!!!