Sep 01, 2013


Color Options

Since we have the major things out of the way, date, budget, venue, we've said that we wouldnt do anything else until next year. But I cant help but at least think about the smaller details. One thing about me is that I can be very indecisive, especially when there are too many options and too many things that I like. Hence, choosing colors has been a little challenging. I still have a ways to go so I dont have to finalize any color choice right now, but just thinking about all of the color options that I like tells me that when I do have to finalize the colors, it may be a little difficult. I love black, but I was trying not to incorporate it because I think everyone would expect it.  I also love teal but Mr.Faith doesnt want that color for the wedding, hes not too keen on pink either but he has to compromise somewhere, lol. Here are three of the combination that I love:


black and gold

Color Options photo 1

Eggplant and Fuschia (without the chocolate)

Color Options photo 2

Blush Pink and Black

Color Options photo 3


Which one goes with my venue?

*these images were found on google a while ago, if they are yours I will give you credit*

*UPDATE 5/15/12- I have officially decided on the colors, Ive changed my mind a thousand times, I know, but finally the colors will be champagne and black with ivory and deep red accents.  So I have to redraft most of my bio with my new ideas, but I will leave the others up for inspiration for others.

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Amazing color combination that you chose!! Looking forward to seeing what you create, which is going to be fabulous!

Love the colors you're going with!! It is going to be so beautiful!!

I love those black vases! It's exactly what I am looking for.

These are so pretty! I loveeee the last one with the light pink.. such a drool-worthy color combo! Have you picked any yet?