Sep 22, 2012


A Girl and Her Shoes - Inspiration

Wedding, Red, Shoes  Wedding, Red, ShoesWedding, Red, Shoes Wedding, Red, Shoes

My wedding day shoe vision is red strappy, bowed or blinged. 

I have searched the internet high and low for THE shoe.  I haven't found it yet.  Don't you worry your pretty litte bridal heads.  I will be the victor in the battle of the red wedding shoe!!! I can and do wear 3" heels on a rather regular basis and don't want to go much higher than that on my wedding day. If I could get a sexy 2.5" that would be easy peasy.


These are my shoes!  They are not as sexy as the inspiration shoes I've listed, but I love the look when I see them on my foot.  



Shoes #2

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Badgley Mischka shoes are incredible

I honestly think that the shoes You got are sexier and more beautiful than the inspiration. well done. gorgeous shoes.

Love the second pair too! Wish I had ankles to wear them! Lol

love the shoes!!!