Jul 19, 2013

I am loving life, especially since marrying Chris. I'm Mom to 6 year old twins boys that keep me busy and laughing every day. My life is full of fun, laughter, love and crafting!

Thank you PW ladies

Thank you all for being so fantastic.  When I'm bored, you're there.  When I'm lonely, you're there.  When I'm stressed, there you all are again!!

I am getting so many fantastic ideas for my big day from you all and every day I laugh because of at least one of you.  Although you are all across the globe, I feel like I am chatting with friends (something I am currently very short of due to our recent move!)

Thank you, thank you, thank you xxxxxx

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You're right - we are awesome :) LOL. And so are you, sooooo very glad you are part of PW!

Awh! This is awesome! And I definitely have to agree!<3

Im so happy that you are part of our lovely community!!!!  YEAH!!!! You are AWESOME♥

This just makes me smile!  We love having you a part of our community!!!