Sep 14, 2012



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My FI loves this look from Calvin Klein! I think its an actual tuxedo but can actually pass as a suit, which is why my FI loves it so much. I figured he can be in all grey and have the groomsmen in purple ties and/or vest so he can stand out and be different from the rest of the group. OR we've been looking into the mismatching grey suits but we're still undecided.

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Very nice. I love the suit and the different shades look really good together. 

Hehe, cute model fo sho!! I love the gray suit look! And yes, actually I think he was with halle berry!!

We have the same theme going on here. We loved that suite. FI will be in all silver and the GM will have purple ties.

Thanks! He's HOT isn't he?! LOL Someone told me he's Halle Berry's baby's father, but not sure!