Sep 02, 2012

I married my best friend on September 2, 2012, and I still love weddings and helping new brides with planning!

Flower/Bouquet/CP Inspiration

We booked a florist last week!

I am excited! I really didn't want to deal with a florist, and the cost of a florist, but my parents offered to pay for one. Since the beginning I've wanted to use wine bottles. Just recently I decided I want them all white. We will have purple table cloths so, it will look nice!

  [wine bottles.jpg] Source <Source




All different size bottles like this and all white with white flowers and lots of greenery!


As for bouquets, I fully trust my florist on this one. I have yet to find that one purple bouquet that I love, but I love her work. I love the rich texture of these bouquets. No roses though!


And I love the dark purple carnations! My BM's will have all white, and I will have purple


*UPDATE* FMIL and I spray painted 36 bottles a couple weeks ago. They look great! We had some mishaps with the spray paint bubbling, but oh well!

~Can't wait to see it all come together~

CP mock-up



our centerpieces, and below, our bouquets


EDIT**Future brides: If you're not really wanting a florist, a lot of brides have opted to go through sam's club or another place like that to order bulk real flowers and did the arrangements themselves if you want something simple. I didn't really think about that before hiring a florist. Just a thought. :)

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Really nice! I was thinking something like this : D

Wow I love your centerpiece mock up. And also your bouquet inspirations - really nice!

Love those inspirations the bouquets are so full and pretty!

Def tell your florist what kind of colors you like, how you envision your bouquet (like I love the full bouquets like you listed rather than all different flowers), then tell her your budget.  Use PW too, I have found sooo many flower inspirations on here.