Sep 14, 2012


Flowers in her hair

I ended up purchasing this fascinator from Fascinate Me on Etsy, bc I wasn't too happy with the flower I purchased below. Her work is amazing! She's offering 15% OFF for PW Brides. I love it! It'll be made in diamond white with ostrich feathers and organza, which matches back perfectly to my dress. I'll maybe wear the original flower for my 2nd engagement photos in April, so it won't be a waste.

Flowers in her hair photo 1Flowers in her hair photo 2

Excuse the crease on my nose from my glasses. HA! So, I was torn between the flower pin and the BLING comb and I ended up going with the flower, which was only $39 at a kiosk in the mall. I'm def going to add more feathers to it and a lil bling.

(2) Comments

love your hair flower! i was thinking of getting one from her too!

I like what you chose, and adding more feathers will definitely make it pop a little more.