Sep 14, 2012


Sole Searching...

UPDATE!!! 12-20-11

OMG!! I found my wedding shoes...FINALLY! I've been on a hunt for them for the longest and couldn't find the perfect ones for the perfect price. I got them from heels.com and they just arrived today. They are called MY DARLING by Luichiny. I got FREE 2nd day shipping bc of the HOLIDAY and they were only $90. Although, those Badgley Mishka- Lissa's were calling my name, I just couldn't spend that much $$ on shoes for one day. I'm sooo happy with my online purchase and they fit like a glove in size 7. AND I can't get enough of the <3 on the sole!




Shoes that didn't make the cut but I'm still in love with.

Sole Searching photo 1Sole Searching photo 2Sole Searching photo 3

I bought the silver shoes for the big day from DSW for only $39 can't beat that! Although, now I've changed my mind and I'm on a HUNT for the perfect PURPLE shoe, to match my BMs dresses. Decisions, decisions!

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i love the heart on the bottom!!

omg-the shoes you got-are AMAZING!! Great find!

I am on the hunt for the perfect purple shoe as well. BMs are wearing purple dresses with silver heels...I definitely need cute purple shoes!

I loveee that second purple shoe. Get that one lol