Nov 02, 2012


Our Venue!

After many venue tours, we finally picked Turnip Rose in Costa Mesa to be the location of our big day!  Turnip Rose was actually the very 1st location we looked!  We looked and researched all our other options and realized that this was the place!  Our 2nd time around I brought my mom, little sister, and wedding planner; they fell in love with it as much as Ryan and I did.  Can't wait to see how the photographs come out!

Our Venue photo 1

Our Venue photo 2

Our Venue photo 3

The Grand Entrance :]  Just a tad nervous about that but I'm sure I'll be ok.

Our Venue photo 4

We'll stand here during the ceremony ^

Our Venue photo 5

I love all the rod iron!

Our Venue photo 6

So many great photo ops :)

Our Venue photo 7

The Reception will be held at "Celebrations" which is a few steps from the ceremony site.  This place is amazing!  Maybe my favorite part of the whole place.  Tvs, lightning, dj booth, and all kinds of goodies are included ... it's going to be a great night!

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Wow your venue is just stunning!

Your venue is fantastic! I can just see the pretty pictures already!!