Feb 19, 2012


The Engagement

I cannot believe I never have written this story for my bio!

Justin and I got engaged six months into our relationship, in September 2010. I was expecting the ring in December as we were going on a cruise.

He had been planning a weekend away from home but wouldn't tell me anything.  We went to Columbus where he had planned a weekend full of shopping! I was estatic because there are so many times when I want something but will never buy it for myself (read: I am cheap.) and he made sure all the things I had been drooling over I had.

We stopped back at the hotel and changed for dinner. It was lovely. I distinctly remember he had the rack of lamb, I had the pork chops. We shared cheesecake.

We walked back to the hotel and were just laying around reflecting on the last six months. Hilariously, I even brought up getting engaged. His parents are pretty straight laced and I was like whatever you do, tell them first, I don't want to have to tell them they are stuck with me. and he goes, "do I really have to tell them first?" and I was like, "nahhh, you don't have to" eventually I went to the bathroom. We were going to be going to bed soon, so I just got undressed-save for a tank top.

When I walked out, he is fully dressed. Down to the shoes. I was like,

"Why did you put your shirt back on?"

FI: No reason
Me: Why do you have shoes on?
FI: My feet were cold.
Me: Ugh...did you want to go somewhere? (at this point I had turned to walk across the room.
FI: No...I just wanted to do this...

I turned around and he was on one knee.

Me: what...
FI: [all I remember from his speech is..]will you marry me?
Me: I don't have pants on! omg. omg. YES!!!

and then I said "I don't have pants on" like 5 more times.

It was a hilariously perfect engagement!

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Too cute! Something you'll never forget:)

Haha, that's awesome!!

That is a very funny and cute engagement story!  Congratulations!!!!