Sep 13, 2013



Now this page is definitely under construction. Since I'm not officially engaged I'm not in any rush to pin down exactly what I want; Im just enjoying getting inspiration and ideas while I'm a Lady in Waiting :)



Before you even ask, yes, I am still a Lady in Waiting. But that's okay though....we discuss marriage all of the time and I'm getting more comfortable with actually starting to plan things that I really want.

So I used to be a peacock fanatic, but in true PDubb and bride fashion I have.....CHANGED MY MIND (*gasp!* dun dun dun......)

One day me and boo were having an everyday conversation- no wedding stuff, just talking. Out of the blue he tells me he wants orange in the wedding and would like to keep the colors on the darker side.  In my mind I was like what?!? You dont even LIKE wedding stuff! I've got my heart all set on this peacock stuff and you want ORANGE?!? But then I realized I was just glad he was talking about it so I decided to respect his wishes and just look around for some inspiration and see what we could come up with.

So here it is....

Midnight, Orange, Green, Grey, and Ivory (accent).

This is subject to change lol...

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I know Men!, but the colors do look good together.

I know Men!, but the colors do look good together.

i love it.. theese colors go great together

Love this palette!