Sep 28, 2012


Bridesmaid LOOK!:)

I was BOUND and DETERMINED to find a BM dress that was cute, comfy and could be worn again! Having a traditional satin BM dress just wasn't me! I wanted Blue (i was stuck between navy or slate blue), flowy material, and belted...well after loooking at

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I found it at Nordstroms! I took 2 girls to try it on ( i wanted to avoid the BM drams over choosing dresses, and HEY! I'm the bride, what I say goes right?;) so far 3 of my girls have ordered it..just waiting on the other 4:)


Bridesmaid LOOK photo 1 Here it is on the model:)


Bridesmaid LOOK photo 2 and here it is on two of my girls (in a size or two too big..its all they had in store!) and the best part is my girls all LOVE them! they kept saying how perfect it was and how they can TOTALLY WEAR IT AGAIN! SCORE!:)


Shoes: weve decided to whole heartedly embrace the rustic feel and so we are wearing COWBOY BOOTS!

after seeing the dress and boots in person ....i was just "eeghh" about just didnt feel right to back to the drawing board I went! I still wanted something a bit more casual than pumps so I decided on a suede woven wedge! I think it will look fabulous!

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Accessories: bought all the beads and having the girls necklaces custom made! will post pics once they are done!:)

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Love this super cute look you have put together for your BMs! Your color scheme and attire choices for everyone in the bridal party are great! 

Love these super cute!!

I absolutely LOVE those!! They are so gorgeous, and seriously... they actually CAN wear them again! I bet they love you for it ;)

I love those!