Sep 22, 2012


Bouquet Inspiration

Bouquet photo 1Bouquet photo 2

These bouquets are the inspiration for my bouquet.  I have been thinking all along I was going to have a red roses or deep red calla lily bouquet.

It hit me out of the blue that I should have a carnation bouquet. 

My mother passed away when I was 19.  She didn't see my first wedding nor will she see this one.  I wanted for her to be a part of my day in some way.  Carnations were her favorite flower.  I figured what better way to honour my mother on my wedding day than to carry a bouquet of her favorite flowers. 

My plan is to have the bouquet of red carnations (red is my favorite colour) and wrap the bouquet with black ribbon.  I am going to ask my former mother-in-law for a brooch to pin on the bouquet stem, as well as ask my FI's sister is she has a piece of jewelry that belonged to their mother, since FI's mother has passed as well.  

I love how it is all coming together and to represent such important women in the shaping of who FI and I are as people and who we have become as adults.  This may fast become the most important and sentimental element of my wedding day, beyond the fact that I am marrying the man of my dreams.

I hadn't given much thought to the idea of what to do with my bouquet after the ceremony.  I came across a thread on the main forum and in there a bride, JackieG, mentioned hers was placed on her father's grave site and I love that idea.  I am going to take mine to my mother's grave site and leave it there for her to enjoy! 

Thank you so much, JackieG.  I really hope you don't mind that I'm stealing your idea.  It is done with the utmost respect and appreciation.   xoxo

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Thats a wonderful idea. Carnations are my mom's favorite flower too.

This is a beautiful idea.  Yah for red its my favorite too but somehow I dont know how to incorporate it into my wedding.

I love when these things are really meaningful like that. Great idea!

I really love this idea. What a wonderful way to honor your mother! You are very thoughtful :) xo