Aug 03, 2013


bridal attire

The shoes:

30 € instead of 130€ - 180€

My earrings:

They are a gift from my dad and that makes them even more precious :)

I had to discuss getting earrings with him till I allmost turned 18 ;) I dont like to do things that he hates, and he HATED earrings :)

He had soooooooooo manny points against me getting earrings, and I discussed for years, till he had only one argument left: "If you would be THAT UGLY that you would need them I would allow you to get some ;)


So have my Dad giving me earrings as a present is pretty crazy ;)


The bolero I bought from another bride from Austria :) I am so thankfull to God that he answered my prayers, I really whanted to cover up for the ceremony and my dad :)



And a cardigan like this :)))

(3) Comments

Everything is looking fabulous and I love the sweet bolero! 

You're off to a great start!

Gosh I can't wait to see how everythign pulls together, you have great inspiration!