Sep 14, 2012


Ridin' in STYLE!

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Ridin in STYLE photo 1

Despite all the craziness with the unexpected snow, FI and I drove about 40 minutes away...determined to choose our rides for the wedding this past weekend. We ended up renting the 1962 Bentley limo for ourselves, which is in great condition with updated AC, leather seats, etc. I love its classic style and elegance.

Ridin in STYLE photo 2

We also rented a 10 passenger Chrysler 300, which is BRAND spanking new! The inside of the car is a party in itself with neon lights, leather seats, and great stereo system. Figured we let the bridal party start their fun EARLY, on their way to the church and the reception.

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Damn! Luuucky! hehe, that will look great!