Jul 09, 2014


{{The Kids Corner}}

I know a lot of people don't want kids at their wedding, and I can 100% see where they're coming from... However, we have so many little cousins and young family friends and I can't imagine our day without them... I am hoping to create an atmosphere with a sitter that allows for kids to have fun and give their parents some time to enjoy their night out as well... I'd love to have an area for the kids to hang out in or provide a little pack/box of entertainment at their seats or even a area where they can watch movies... There will be around 15 kids at the wedding, and to make it fun and enjoyable for them, as well as the other adults, we are hoping to have a kids table set up after dinner is done... I will be providing kid-friendly food such as french fries, chicken tenders, corn dog bites, pizza rolls... I picked up about 24 boxes of crayons from Wal-Mart for 44 cents each!!! Got to love the back to school sales... I also picked up coloring books and puzzles from the Dollar Tree and Family Dollar and 30 tubes of 15 glow stick bracelets for a dollar each... I was only going to pick up enough glow sticks for the kids to have two each, but the FI thought that the adults might want to wear them too (I know I will!!!), so I picked up enough for everyone... I am hoping to find more little goodies for the kids to pay with at the table so that they don't get too bored... I had initially thought of setting up our PS3, but once again the FI came to the rescue and convinced me it was a bad idea because the guys would take over... So true!!! 


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