Jun 02, 2012

my husband and I have been married since June 2,2012 and loving married life.

Hi PW my name is Allison

I met my wonderful and romantic husband on May of 2008. He thought and thought about where he was going to propose to me at and he know where right away and it was Hermann Hill Vineyard and Inn in Hermann Missouri. Which we have been there once for a wedding and the other time was my birthday. I thought that we were just going to Hermann Hill just to take photos but he surprised me. He took me up there on our 2nd anniversary which was on May 2,2010. He took me up to the proposal spot got down on one knee and said, "Allison there is nobody that i want to spend the rest of my life with and so will you do the honor of becoming Allison Marie Gibbs." I started crying right away and I said "Derek yes i will marry you and becoming Allison Marie Gibbs". Then I noticed that under the blanket was champagne and two glasses and then someone from inn was walking down to take our photos. Then he said "baby I have two more surprises we are staying here the night and we have reservations for Stone Hill Restaurant which is right next to Stone Hill Winery in Hermann, Missouri. I started crying all over again. As soon as we got into the van we started calling all of my family members and then he called his whole entire family members and sharing the great and happy news. I Love him.This year was our 4th anniversary and we got married on June 2 2012 starts all over. and we have been happily married . My new last name is Gibbs!

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I am going back through and reading again, and I STILL love your story! :D

Such a sweet story!

What a beautiful and absolutely touching story!!!  Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us, Allison!  :)

That is absolutely beautiful!!