Jul 14, 2012


Centerpiece Inspiration

Our theme is sort of a feminine meets masculine type thing going on. Seemingly opposing things coming together to create surprising combos. Burlap and lace. Soft candlelight and gravel. Delicate flowers and log slices. Beautiful gray linens and twinkling lights in a dusty, rustic old ski lodge. So here's what I'm thinking for part one of the centerpieces. Different sized candles in different sized mason jars clustered on a log slice. My dad has already agreed to cut me some slices when he chops wood this winter. Can't beat free!!

                                                 Centerpiece Inspiration photo 2

(5) Comments

Love the jar and candle look!

i love candles, were going to have them everywhere at our wedding

a girl after my own heart lol I love love love mason jars and candles!

This is such an amazing theme. I can't wait to see it come together. It is so sweet.