Jul 14, 2012


DIY flowers!!

To save money, I've decided to order all my flowers online from and arrange them myself (well, me and my 6 closest ladies). They are all being shipped to my grandma's house on Thursday, and we'll be arranging them and taking them to the venue on Friday before the rehersal:) 




 source source source

To get the look:

In order to achieve the above look, I have ordered the following flowers. In order, they are (1) Dinner Plate Dahlias (2) Creamy Ivory Peony Roses (3) Peachy Cream Carnations (4) Scabiosa Pods (5) Dusty Miller

Dinner Plate Dahlia Flower Creamy WhiteCreamy Ivory Peony RosePeachy Cream Bulk Carnation FlowerScabiosa Pods Green Filler Flower   Dusty Miller Green Filler Flower



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Pretty bouquet :)

Gorgeous flowers!!

Love that bouquet inspiration!