Jun 15, 2012


BM Attire!

My two sisters, my two MOHs, tried on many many dresses and this one I chose just on a fluke at the same store we got my Bridal Gown from.  And they LOVED it!!  All of my girls are very happy with this, they all say its comfortable and its very flattering!!I just LOVE the color and how much it compliments my dress.  I plan on getting my sisters a brooch to add to the dress so they can stand out a little!!


BM Dresses photo 1

I just got their jewelry!!! Found them at a Jewelry show for GREAT prices!!!  So excited :)  Only my MOH's will be wearing the bracelets :)

(4) Comments

Love your colors your BMs are going to look fantastic.

The dress is so pretty and i ♥ the jewlery. GORGEOUS

Thanks!!! I already had one BM say she is wearing it for New Years next year :)

Love it! And it's something they can wear again..great pick!