Jun 15, 2012


Flower Inspiration

I really want all of my flowers to either be Lavender or Ivory... there is soo much navy already in the color scheme, so I gotta get my flowers to be delicate and pretty :)  I think one of these is from PW, so thank you to whoever uploaded it!!

Top Bridal Bouquet Pics

Flower Inspiration photo 1Flower Inspiration photo 2Flower Inspiration photo 3


And I am pretty sure this is exactly what I want for my Bridesmaids (the darker colored would be ivory or a lighter purple)

Flower Inspiration photo 4

MOB and MIL corsages

**thanks to DansMrs!!**

Some boutinerre ideas


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:o CALLA LILY! I was thinking of a wristlet for bridesmaids also (;

i always love the calla lily..mine was a combination of red and burgundy..but looking on the choice of your make me more want to change my color motiff..

Ok... so my mom found a pearl bracelet with a cluster of diamonds on it from Claires.... clearance $1!!!  She bought a couple and they are going on mine and my MOH's bouquets :)

Okay, I still swoon every time I see that beaded corsage... its my fave ever!