Jun 15, 2012


DIY Projects

So for a long time I thought I wanted to do a lot of projects... and I am not saying they aren't beautiful, but I helped a fellow Bride before and I got really frustrated cause it took so much time, (I know, not the best BM aspect to have).  I helped her though and was happy to do it.  But I think for my own wedding, I am going to keep it down to a minimum.  Our venue takes care of a lot of things (i.e., centerpiece, table number, cake stand) and I am just going to do some little things.

  1. Card Box   -- My mom and her friend are doing this for me :)
  2. Invitations (most likely ordering from a company and printing them out myself) Just ended up ordering them from Davids Bridal for a FANTASTIC price for the quality!!  I didn't add anything just because of timing and $$
  3. HighBoy Table centerpieces  -- Just using what our venue provides
  4. Menu -- have the wording finalized, going to print it out on shimmer paper :)
  5. Signature Drink Frame
  6. In Memory Of candle and frame
  7. Seating Chart Poster
  8. Photo Booth Sign  used a free template -- not doing this anymore, really don't need it
  9. Monogram for Hotel Guest Bags -- used a free template again




Wish me luck ladies!! :)

(3) Comments

I love the photobooth sign.  I need something like that because I won't have a the usual sign in guest book.  Don't want people to freak out lol.

Good luck!!!! Im sure you will be fine and do  great job. Just give youself will be alot less stressed if you have a margin for error (that you hopefully wont need lol)


Your bio is looking so great :o]