Jun 15, 2012


Centerpiece Ideas and Flower Decorations

Ok so my venue already has hurricane candle holders that we can use.. so I am thinking of using those and obviously adding some flowers and votives.  I really want things to be simple because our venue is already so pretty, I don't want anything huge.  I know I want two different centerpieces, every other table will be different.  Also, I am going to do my own centerpiece for the Highboy Tables.  Here is what I have so far.. I think I want a mix of ivory and light purple rose petals sprinkled across the tables as well.

Centerpiece Ideas photo 1Centerpiece Ideas photo 2Centerpiece Ideas photo 3

(6) Comments

Love the floating candle centerpieces!  That's what I am doing for mine.  Just lovely!

Love your inspiration pics! We have the same ideas! ;)

Thanks!!! I am doing two of these, the first and the second :) As for the high boy centerpieces I am going to do something really small :)