Mar 10, 2012


Beautiful Girls...

Ahh, my dear ladies!  I had three lovely women who are serving as my BMs.  Since I was making them purchase their dresses, I decided to give them complete control over which dress they chose.  The only thing I asked was that it be a pastel color.  They decided to go with my wedding colors.

Matron of Honor--Alesha

Alesha is my FSIL and an amazing woman.  She chose David's Bridal's F14169 in Capri.

Beautiful Girls photo 1


I met Susan in Sunday School at church; we've become great friends and I've become her cat's favorite sitter.  She chose David's Bridal F12899 in Wisteria

Beautiful Girls photo 2


I met Tina in the same Sunday School class as Susan.  We've become fairly close over the years, and she's a great sounding board for ideas.

She chose David's Bridal's F13954 in Champagne.

Beautiful Girls photo 4


As a part of their gifts, I had the woman who made my necklace make them matching necklaces and earrings.

Beautiful Girls photo 5

I am also gifting them their shoes; they will be wearing LifeStrides Lacey (I got them for $34.30 each from Amazon).


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They are going to look so great in these dresses! Your colors are so lovely!

I love love love BMs in similar-but-different dresses!

I love these dresses.  So elegant!