Jul 14, 2012


Our Love Story: The Prologue

I had been single for well over a year when she finally said it, "I know someone who wants your number". The dreaded phrase. Why? Because I'm great at being in a committed relationship. But I SUCK at dating. Especially first dates, and especially with younger guys who typically have a zero maturity level rating. But let's be honest...I'd seen pictures of my co-workers youngest son, and wowzers. DEE-licious. He wants my number? Give it to him. I'm game for a free dinner/movie combo with a cutie pie three years younger.

So she did.

We texted back and forth, and I was surprised how easy it was to be myself around him. I found that because he was younger, and I didn't really expect our relationship to go anywhere, I was more relaxed. I said what was on my mind, and didn't hold back. Which, interestingly enough, didn't scare him away. We set a date to go to the movies, and go to the movies we did.

I was pretty sure he didn't like me.

He said next to nothing the entire time, but he had an adorable smile. So I made it my mission to make him smile as much as possible. At the end of the night, he told me he had fun, but I was positive it was just one of the obligatory statements that you say at the end of a first date, and didn't expect to hear from him again.

I was wrong.

He did like me! I found out that he's just quiet and shy until you get to know him. Which was actually really refreshing. He wan't like other guys I'd dated, and he certainly didn't act his age. Actually...he reminded me much of myself. Something of an old soul with a silly streak:) We continued laughing and dating, and eventually we got around to kissing, then dating only eachother and talking about the future. And just when I least expected it...

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Your love story is among my favorites--so sweet!

Oh my God! This is THE CUTEST story ever! I was on edge waiting to see how it was going to turn out!

That's such a cute story!

cute story!!