Nov 05, 2011


Wedding Recap

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This is my recap...


I woke up around 7am on Saturday November 5th, one of my maids of honor actually slept in the same bed as me in my hotel room :) it was a girls night.


So we got up, showered, separately by the way... and PMNunes picked us up at the hotel. She stood up on the car and shouted "You have 2 options.....1. You can go through with this or 2.... we can make it to Atlantic City in 2 hours." I picked the first option.


All of the girls met up at the salon to get our hair done, I decided to add in a blue extension in my hair as my "something blue". After the hair was done, myself and another BM went back to the hotel to have lunch with some other guests. Two of my other BMs decided to go buy footsie pajamas since I really wanted to have a footie pj party at the after party.


Then we all got our makeup done, then in a blink of an eye I am getting into my dress, I honestly do not know where the time went....


We all get to the venue and at this point I am still not nervous, not a bit. I walked down the aisle and all I could do was smile and I don't even remember anyone being there just him.


During the ceremony we had a ton of plates in the back crash- it was loud and made everyone laugh- I yelled out "opa!" I mean...what else was I suppose to say? Then our singer went up to sing but our DJ started the song too soon and she was a little out of breath BUT she pulled it off.


After that....we went to take pictures outside, which was freezing.... we then realized that we had NO marriage license with us! My husband forgot it at the hotel so someone had to go retrieve it. 2 hours later we were legally married.


The rest of the night went well, the after party was great everyone sung happy birthday to me so that was sweet. Then we just went to bed... we were so tired.


The next day we went off to our honeymoon and I will quickly say this... we went on a cruise to the Bahamas.... we missed one of the private islands due to a hurricane, my husband and I both got a cold on the cruise AND both of our wisdom teeth started coming in during the last two days of our honeymoon so we were in a little pain.....


I feel like the more bumps in the road to a wedding and honeymoon the longer the marriage.



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Sounds like a fun wedding!  Bummer about the honeymoon, but this just means you'll have to go on another one :-)