Jul 14, 2012


Bridal Beauty

Inspiration Hair

I'm thinking a low updo like this one (sported by the always lovely Emmy Rossum) would suit my curly locks, or maybe one twisted back on the sides?

                                    Bridal Beauty photo 1 

Inspiration Makeup

Digging the slightly smokey eye, with natural color everywhere else, like Natalie Portman here:

Bridal Beauty photo 2

Hair & Makeup Trial

My hair/makeup artist did a lovely job, but it's not at all what I asked for. I have cancelled my appointment, and will handle this myself. I'm just that picky. Lol.

DIY trial


(11) Comments

Your hair was flawless on your wedding day and you had great inspiration to choose from!

Thanks, girls! Glad you like it!

Whoa...when I saw your profile pic I immediately thought Emmy Rossum! How funny is that! lol Gorgeous

Love these! They are great inspirations!