Jul 14, 2012


Completed DIYs

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Recycled Starbucks Frappucino vases, take two

I promise not to tear them apart this time! Lol. I really like how they turned out:)


Tissue paper pompoms

After I finished the vases, I told my grandma about the tissue paper pompoms I wanted to make (see "cool DIY ideas" section) and this is our very first trial run using the leftover tissue paper she had from Christmas. I think we need some practice...

Nanny decided it made a better hat. Lol!!

UPDATE: I figured it out, and have made some poof balls! There are more, but the rest are folded, cut, and tied and stored away. The day we decorate the venue, we'll fluff them out. They're much easier to store and transport before they're fluffed.

Card Box

I stained a pine crate brown, and covered the side and top and side slats with burlap. Then I made the little burlap bunting to hang on it, and the paper roses out of book pages. The candle holder may be replaced with a mason jar...not sure yet.

Table word cards

Instead of table numbers, we're doing table words with matching quotes. There won't be any assigned seating, but the DJ will dismiss guests by table word to dinner so they all don't rush the buffet at the same time. These little signs will stick out of the fresh flower arrangements at each table like garden stakes:) I stuck this one in my grandma's fake dining room table arrangement just for effect. Lol. 

Ring bearer pillow

It only took me five hours, and I only accidentally sewed it to my blanket once, but it's finished now and I'm so proud! Lol.  

"Here Comes the Bride" sign

For one of our flower girls to carry down the aisle.


We made about 50 of these in varying sizes. Once transported to the venue, they will be glued to a 4 x 6 lattice panel to make a pinwheel wall:)

Paper Lace Doily Lanterns

"Take home a treat" favor bags

Instead of traditional favors, my Mama, Grandma, and I are making peanut butter cookies, chocolate chip cookies, fruit filled pastries, and nut filled pastries the week of the wedding. These little bags will be at each place setting for guests to take some homemade goodies home:)

Burlap & Feather Boutonniere

I got the original idea from a Green Wedding Shoes DIY, and added a golf tee since FI and his family are pretty into golfing:) He really liked the personal touch!

Treat stands

There will be six of these (two of the tall and four of the short) on our cake table to hold our homemade goodies. There will also be some smaller log slices acting as treat stands and a giant log slice acting as our cake stand. There's really not much to making these--they're just some wooden taper candlesticks (found in the "finished wood products" aisle of Hobby Lobby) painted gray and hot glued to $2 plates from Wal-Mart (they're actually really nice heavy plates).



We're not doing a garter toss, but I still wanted to have on for FI--plus I was lacking my something blue. Lol. It's just a piece of lace hot glued to itself to make a circle, with fluffy white feathers glued on. I took a blue permanent marker and got the ink all over my thumb and index finger, then gently rubbed the tips of some of the feathers between my fingers to tinge them blue. Voila! Problem solved.



Cake table backdrop

We used an old picture window frame that was out in our garage, covered it in cotton batting and fabric, hot glued ribbons accross it, and hung up kraft paper and paper doily letters with clothespins to make this fella. 

Ceremony chalkboard

It started out as an Ikea Ung Drill frame (black) that I spraypainted "pebble". I painted the paper that came inside the frame with several layers of chalkboard paint, and voila! A fancy chalkboard. Easy peasy.

Ceremony direction sign

FI had to help a bit with this one as it required power tools;) It's just a log slice (available in the finished wood aisle at your local craft store) and a square dowel rod screwed together. I painted it with some gray paint and hand wrote the wording with a white paint marker.

Book page table runner

We had a dilemma with our venue...they have ten giant 8' tables that need to be pushed together (in order to fit in the space) to make 5 giant tables that seat 12. Which is lovely, but leaves a big seam down the middle that needs to be covered with a runner. The fabric ones were out since I don't sew, and they're too expensive to buy. But book pages from old romance novels that I had laying around the house are free! Add a little double sided scotch tape, and there you have it. Some practically free table runners. I think they'll look really neat all covered in mason jar candles. Plus they show off my love of reading and literary things, which makes our wedding more personal.

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Those turned out amazing! You are really talented!

Your wedding will be absolutely perfect with all these personal touches! Awesome job!

Girl you have talent! Those are some great DIYs!!

Great DIYs! And I am loving your fun loving Gramma!