Jul 08, 2011


Non-Pros: The Reception

Just after the ceremony: officially husband and wife <3

Non Pros photo 3 

GM Fran - I depended on him to keep the rest of the GM in line! GM Joe was also a good influence :)


I love our bridal party's entrances - we didn't get a photo of Gina/John or Tina/Brian, but the BM/GM we did get really represented each of their respective styles!


Our MOH and BM managed a chest bump! 


DH chose our entrance song: the theme to Superman!

Non Pros photo 10 





Our first dance was to Brad Paisley's "Then" 


Non Pros photo 11 Non Pros photo 15

Non Pros photo 1 

Jenn, my MOH, made me cry with her speech, and Shawn, the BM, made everyone fall over laughing :)


Here I am getting emotional while Jenn speaks... it happened all over again when my father gave a toast

A hug with my dad before our dance, and then Dan's dance with his mother


A couple details: our cocktail napkins and "I Spy" checklist for each table




When it was time to thank everyone for coming and say a few words, we realized that we never actually planned anything! Dan spoke first and I wrapped it up - I think we did an okay job... ?

   Non Pros photo 13


  Non Pros photo 14

Fran the GM always likes to remind me that he had Dan first ;) 

And on to the party!


  Non Pros photo 12



Non Pros Getting Ready photo 18 

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Love all the photos!! You look so beautiful and elegant and the wedding party looks like a blast!!

I love love love your wedding photos! Beautiful wedding! :)

I LOVE all your wedding photos!! That's funny you guys just winged it for the thank you speech! :) Everything looked fantastic!