Jun 15, 2012


Show me that Bling!!!!

Ok, so since the heavily beaded dresses were a bust on me, I vowed to myself to add bling to my attire for the day.  I got these brooches off Ebay for incredible prices!!

Seller's Page

The first is for my bouquet, the second is for my dress (see below), and the third is for my hair

Show me that Bling photo 1Show me that Bling photo 2Show me that Bling photo 3

I added the second brooch to our guest book :)


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Ok... so for the hair one, omg I LOVE my veil lady (I am getting one restored) and she is going to take some of the lace and put it behind the brooch to soften it up and so that I have some of the veil on me once it comes off :)

Ohhh!! Bling on, girly. Those are three beautiful choices!!

loove the bling

Love bling!!! So pretty :o]