Jun 15, 2012


Let them eat Cake!!

So first of all, its pretty great that our venue provides a cake for us, we literally just pick out flavors and the design, no worrying about finding a baker!!  I know we both want simple and have an E monogram cake topper.  Here are our current faves. (Obviously, the orange one would match our Navy color scheme)

Let them eat Cake photo 1 Let them eat Cake photo 2 Let them eat Cake photo 3 Let them eat Cake photo 4 Let them eat Cake photo 5


And this is what we ended up going with.  The swirls will be in a very faint lavender and the ribbon will be navy.

(8) Comments

Lovely cake inspiration and I love what you ended up choosing!

I love the last cake!!! Especially with navy colors instead :)

These are all so beautiful :o]

Great inspiration! Navy's my favorite color.