Jun 23, 2012


::Wedding Day Hair::

After lots of internal debate with myself for weather I wanted my hair down, up, half up, or a side do and after looking at TONS of photos I finally found my Wedding Day hair! 

Wedding Day Hair photo 1Wedding Day Hair photo 2

Wedding Day Hair photo 3Wedding Day Hair photo 4


Thanks to browsing msdl's lovely bio I fell in love with her hair flower over my orig plan. lol

From Etsy seller EnchantedlyYours


I'll be wearing this Blinged out Comb from JewelryBox88. I'm having the hardest time deciding so I'm going to order both and decide after my hair trial. If I still can't decide I might wear one for ceremony and one for reception.


This is going to be my veil. It's an ivory single tier, fingertip lenght angel veil with a silver metallic pencil edge from etsy seller BellaBridalVeils


4.14.12 Trial Day



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Between the hair style and the flower you are going to look amazing!!!

I love the look you have planned for your hair.  It is wedding day perfect!

you look great..

That is a great look!